German New Medicine Discussion Group Mission & Welcome Statement.

We don’t offer seminars, write books, conduct health fairs nor mass market CD’s and DVD’s. We’re not lifestyle coaches nor cheerleaders. We’re certainly not jacks-of-all-trades; doing a little of this, a little of that. For the past ten years Dr. Smookler’s singular focus has remained steadfast – the application of Dr. Hamer’s most up-to-date scientific research and insights to each client’s unique story. Quite simple, really. To keep German New Medicine pure, principled and undiluted – pushing all the frilly extras aside. To present German New Medicine in a way that is tangible, relevant and of course … far from boring! Let’s face it – one can only take so much endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm in one sitting. To openly share the perspectives, observations and insights of our practice. Specifically, how clients arrive at the place where they have the ‘a-ha’ moment – when they truly ‘get it.’ How others remained positive in the face of what seemed dire and hopeless. How others navigated through a difficult healing phase. How others held steadfast to their new found footing in the face of other influences. How others became ‘mindful’ in their ability to access the subconscious and appreciate thought flashes, hunches and clues. How others were able to allow conflicts and tracks to come to them (versus chasing after them.) What I discovered was that by sharing the ups and downs, the wins and losses, the very experience of others – it was transferable to everyone.

I do my best to answer topics, queries in a timely manner but please keep in mind I am in full time practice. I will often answer questions in my spare moments – so please be patient.